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K-12 Students with Disabilities

K-12 Students with disabilities often struggle to obtain the appropriate opportunity to maximize their individual potential in public and private schools. Congress recognized how individualized each student’s needs are by passing the INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION ACT in its original form in 1975. The rights it affords children and their parents are not new but the challenge of obtaining meaningful accommodation for K-12 students with disabilities continues to be difficult for many families.

Cohen-Law-Firm-K-12-Students-with-DisabilitiesIf your student has a disability, whether physical, learning disabled or emotional, you need to be aware of your rights and the process required to get your student the appropriate help to be successful. These cases often do not require litigation or an unpleasant encounter with the school district. But they do require a knowledgeable approach to documenting your child’s disability and requesting the specific accommodations to help your child be successful.

We have worked with many parents and many school districts to help achieve the optimal level of services for K-12 students with disabilities. Our firm has extensive knowledge and experience understanding the diagnoses of different disabilities and their treatment and have worked with area psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors to get the record before the school district for proper consideration. We offer help with your child’s IEP (INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAM) and can give added impact to your effort to obtain an appropriate and useful IEP.

You may contact attorneys Clifford A. Cohencac@studentrightslawyers.com ) at 913.956.1125 and Andrew Duncan ( ad@studentrightslawyers.com ) at 785.979.7361.

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